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Between the light and Shadow

Between the light and shadow is where we all reside. A balance of the masculine and feminine. Embracing both and denying neither. A harmony that exists once we accept the dualities. Leaving behind toxic ideas like “good vibes only” or only focusing on abundance. The “dark” , the shadow and subconscious have so much to show us if we allow it to. And bring it into the light. Shadow conceals as light reveals. Knowing what to conceal and what to reveal, and in what degrees to do this is all there is to art. Your life is the canvas, the song, the poem. The people and experiences in your life are the paintbrushes, the guitar, the pen and paper. Be the creator. In art as in life the darkness, the rest, the pause they define the light , the color and the sound.

Namaste ; I bow to the divine in you . I honor both the light and dark within

Yang is white. As Yin is black, it symbolizes shadow or darkness, things that are quieter, aloof, the moon, and all things with dark energy. The white of Yang on the other hand, is used to symbolize warmth, positive energy, active motion, and the sun

Masculine Yin energy is characterized by DOING and achieving and is molded by logic and reason. The feminine Yang is more intuitive, oriented towards receiving and allowing, and characterized by BEING. When these energies are balanced, we experience a greater sense of harmony and fulfillment.

The moon shines because its surface reflects light from the sun. But because of its orbit around Earth, the lighting goes through phases.

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