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Are you ready to feel empowered and informed on your health and wellbeing . To advocate and understand that you are in the driver seat when it comes to taking care of your mind and body ?

Full Moon

Sleep Deprivation effects on the body 

Increased Hypertension

Anxiety / Depression




White Blood cell count and immunity

Glucose Imbalance and Appetite

Increased likelihood of coronary artery blockage

Cardiovascular disease 


Congestive heart failure


Increased risk Colon, Prostate and Breast cancer

Benefits of adequate sleep

Prevents infection

Reforms metabolic state

Balances Insulin 

Circulates Glucose

Maintains & replenishes microbiome

Mood Stability 

Increased motivation

Supports Rest and Digest

Skin and cell regeneration

Muscle recovery;

Our heart , brain and lungs are also muscles that need to recover

Boosts Immunity


Decreases risk for alzheimer's and Dementia

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