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What i'm here for 

Connection. Community. Support. Growth. Acceptance

Finding spirituality and adventure along with connection and community has changed my life and helped me overcome so much and learn to enjoy life on life's terms. My intention is to offer opportunities for others to build this in their lives.


My Coaching Story

I have been passionate about self help and healing for the past 15 years. Uncovering attainable skills and habits to overcome adversity and function from a place of true vitality.The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify the core challenges and setbacks in your life, so that you can overcome them with confidence. I believe in a Whole - istic approach. Supporting Mind, Body and Spirit to reach human optimization. Evaluating our relationship with self, people places and things to decide what is old programmed patterning, fear or control vs. passion, authenticity and growth. Using skills like yoga, breath work and reiki as well as fear exposure, cold plunging, outdoor adventure, self reflection and personal inventory. Whether its a deeper connection with self through one on one work. group activities, women's retreats, nature immersion or personal training . I am here to support you as you get out of your own way to become not just a "dreamer" but the "dream seeker"

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Learn More About Me

Seeker . Mom . Traveler . Adventure Enthusiast . Freedom Facilitator . Coach . Public Speaker .

I spent my 20s as a restless stay at home mom, managing symptoms from chronic illness, no idea who I was, what I wanted and constantly seeking  connection outside of myself. I was defensive, taking life personally and wearing it as a tight garment. With a chip on my shoulder about the cards I was dealt , uninspired and lost.

I struggled to identify as anything other than a mom, daughter, wife or whatever part time job I was taking and trying to find worth in. I never took the time to figure out who I was, or maybe I was afraid to know that answer. Either way I'm glad I faced that fear and started to discern between what I liked and what I didn't and becoming ok with speaking up for and taking action on that. Building new dreams that didn't just fill everyone else's bucket first. Investing in learning new things and being willing to be a beginner. I had always based my likes and dislikes off of other people's opinions but it was time to finally find my own.  

I not only learned the things I was passionate about and what served my soul instead of what soothed my wounds or filled my ego but I decided to chase after and take action. To not let my diagnosis, physical limitations, past, title or anyone else define me anymore. When I would meet someone new I would no longer define myself by my job or as a mom but I would try on new hats, talk about my hobbies first. Allowing my answer to change and evolve as I did ! After becoming a single mom I began changing careers and finding again what worked and what didn't.

A few years into a basement office job as a Teller I again became restless. The country shut down, I was an essential worker, showing up day in and day out. Trying to home school my 1st and 5th grader and then my step dad of 24 years got sick. Real sick, real fast. My job told me I couldn't be out of state with my parents as my step dad was dying or be with my mom for more then 24 hours after he passed. I was stuck between keeping my job to pay my bills and being there for my newly widowed mom. This was it.

Now looking back, I'm grateful it was so absurd. I knew this wasn't it for me but for once in my life I just wanted safe and easy. Well comfort became the enemy of my growth and this was just the push I needed. I knew I  was meant for more, to share more, to be of service in a way that highlighted my assets. I traded in my bankers hours and measly benefits. I decided again to invest in myself,  to be ok with the unknown, to embrace the risk. I became more afraid of staying then of leaving. Realizing that enough is a decision, not a set amount. People thought I  was crazy for leaving my comfortable and secure job for the unknown. My own kids questioned my sanity and their security. Taking that step that didn't appear until I was off the ledge. What began to unfold was profound. I knew what I wanted to do and I knew why, but i didn't know how. I learned to surrender the outcome, to trust that what was ahead of me was better than any self limiting idea I could lay out and went for it. The lesson here was life changing. I could see it bust open doors for me, my kids and those closests to me. I mean doors of limited perceptions of what was possible or what being successful meant or what job benefits were. Me taking risks encouraged others to reevaluate and do the same . To prioritize what is really valuable to you as an individual. This is where the new path began   

The "What" I wanted to do was all the things I loved . To seek, to explore, to learn and grow. The 'Why" was to Inspire others and share what I had learned through my struggle. to be the person I needed when i felt lost, lacked confidence and self worth.

I made a list , what I loved was play outdoors, rock climbing, traveling, wandering in the woods, archery, yoga, seeking spiritual connection and community. To have time to prioritize my health and wellness. To spend quality time with my kids, friends  and family. These were the job perks I wanted but this did exist in one job title . There was no "wanted ad" for this dreamseeker. I didn't fit in the box, I couldn't choose from a multiple choice question of what i wanted to be when I grew up. I want space for that to evolve. I was on this journey of unbecoming everything society and school and my parents thought i should be . Even who my kids thought I should be . Selfish .... I think not. What I am becoming is so much greater then that. 

Today I am a Coach for an all girls school. Leading them in an outdoor program, coaching them in rock climbing, teaching them yoga and breathwork as well as running the life fitness program based on learning to take care of our bodies and minds while self advocating and learning that self care isn't selfish. The person I needed at that age. Building self respect, mindfulness, self awareness and resilience.

I host women's retreats focused on creating connection, community, spirituality and adventure. What I needed when I felt lost and alone. 

I also have the privilege of hosting webinars and seminars as a keynote speaker on many topics about health and wellness. Creating healthy habits, better sleep patterns, integrative nutrition, the science of wellbeing. Consuming consciously and choosing to prioritize our health before we are forced to manage our illness. After learning the hard way. Undergoing countless invasive tests,  6 surgeries and continually being prescribed meds to manage symptoms before knowing there was another way. Now I can support others along the journey I myself navigate. Turning my diagnosis into an opportunity to help others. 

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