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"How can you return to your softness and be an invitation for mature masculine depth and leadership"

Most women are paralyzed by the pain of abandonment and separation and simply the fact that their nervous system has had to adapt to holding, feeling and providing all of what they hoped to receive from outside support .


While it is easy to hold a grudge in your feminine body and wait for the external masculine to step up first to show you that it’s safe enough to reveal your heart.

You can soften now through healing the relationship with your inner masculine and God first. When inner union has been built within you ,you can offer your nourishment, support and love to your partner without expecting immediate return.

You are filled with love and have a deep desire to gift it , knowing that it is watering the soil of his inner kingdom

When you look around you will notice we live in a world where most men have forgotten and have never been taught how to access and claim their masculinity , their strength and leadership.

Boys growing up with avoidant fathers through receiving their own lack of care and direction that never gifted them the fundamentals of time acknowledgment or support. Never receiving the initiation into the principles of self responsibility, leadership and service.

Mothers that never revealed their soft nurturing side. Demanding superficial strength. Leading many of these boys to feel ashamed for feeling deeply and needing more. Trained to obey, trained to please.

Feeling confused, cut off from their hearts and primal core, they wander through the world not knowing how to approach women, emotions, depth or claim their purpose and lead the feminine/appreciate her feminine qualities.

Believing 'Love, Union and purpose' is just something that you fall into and take what is given.

In response women grow up in a world where they believe they have to fight for survival. Master all crafts at once, take care of everything, harden and toughen up. Instead of softening and feeling safe to surrender to life and the mature masculine. Surrender being viewed as a defeat or obeying random 'tyrant masculine' orders .We see girls growing up with dismissive, avoidant, aggressive fathers and mothers passively agreeing with their behavior by staying silent further deepening their pain and distrust in the world and the masculine around them. All this leads them to feel abandoned. betrayed. rejected, suppressed at a young age and wrong in their soft sweet femininity. Allowing the walls around their hearts to grow thicker and thicker, letting them believe that closing off to love and vulnerability and becoming hyper independent, controlling and avoiding intimacy is the only pathway to staying safe and secure survival in the world In all of this the art of co-creation in the union is forgotten. Instead we are now in the same silent battle between the feminine and masculine within us each as individuals and in partnership. A battle in which men and women fight to be the stronger, more capable role. Leading women to burn out, feel unmet, unsatisfied, drained by life and contracted all together. Abandoning and disowning their femininity and expression of love further. Leading men to feel confused emasculated, disconnected from their purpose and inner strength/wisdom. This creates a dynamic in which both masculine and feminine no longer feel self or another and are led by their own pain body's, their rival instincts and closed hearts. In all of this you get to connect with the ache that lingers in the depth of your feminine heart. In the depth of your heart there remains the vision of the world in which men have landed and claimed their mature leadership, purpose, strength and service again. Offering their guidance and protection to the feminine hearts and Bodys. Connected to the greater vision , standing for truth and integrity. Looking after the kingdom in which you reside. Leading in the name of love .Moved, nourished and alive through your feminine , expression and offering of love A world in which you feel safe enough again to open your heart, access your true feminine sovereignty and design, reveal your hearts truth and create communities, families and spaces for nourishment that are heart centered . An environment in which you do not need to fight for survival or recognition and instead can open the world to depth, love and creation- a world in which you feel alive ,seen, heard and met by the loving eyes looking right into you. How you can nourish/support the masculine in claiming his depth purpose and leadership: -Become aware of your deep, ingrained resentment, pain and trauma towards the masculine and make it your priority to heal this relationship. To be able to receive him and love him without grasping, projection and outsourcing. -Create your internal vision of union by reuniting with your inner masculine and God. Let them fill you, hold you and love you. Let this open your heart so wide that you can see the growing king in every man . -Notice where you are unconsciously taking on the leadership role, notice where you are not creating space for him to step up and take lead and are trying to compensate by filling this role yourself. -Keep revealing your heart, your longing for more. Invite him into your experience, let his cells remember his true calling by shaking the earth with your sound, movement and expression. Let him feel you rather than explaining to him what you/the world needs from him. -Keep challenging him with respect. Honor and value your Oracle Wisdom. Know that your wide feminine expression lets him feel alive. It sharpens his sword, it supports him in growing capacity and resilience in maturing into the king he wants to be -Connect to your vision of union and become available for his way of service. Gift him space, freedom to explore and sharpen his inner sword. Gift him love, devotion and appreciation for his service. -Have compassion for his path. Don’t expect him to “just know” Be patient and give him time to feel his texture of leadership and how he wants to provide it -Co-create with him and don’t wait to be served or make up for the ways you have felt let down in the past -Cocreation means communication, self responsibility and refinement -Note all the ways you want to save him , care take him or lean into old habits from your childhood ( from your father or masculine wound) take note of expectations, sacrificing , old conditioning and instead support him like you would support a warrior before battle.

Believe in him -Never underestimate the power of your love, your expression of grief/ joy and the ripple of your vision. The woman that walked before you might not have had the capacity, ability and space to offer this gift , you can, you are a force of love. Capable of changing the dynamics of the world and people's hearts. Through your softening , devotion and care all of us are reminded to step out of battle and instead reminded to look into each other’s eyes and hearts. Inviting us all into Union.

Shake the ground with your love, help co create a world you want to see for your children. Autumn

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Wow, I can just say wow. Too much here to digest at once, but I will take little bites.🫶 Thanks

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